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Me and you; just us two. 

My lover; my friend

together with you, until the end.


Made just for you and your love.

This collection focuses on closely highlighting the bride and groom.



I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.


This collection is meant to capture a moment of love where everyone disappears but the two of you. It only includes the bride, groom, venue, decor, and no guests.

You are my today

and all of my tomorrows.


The ideal representation of the forever journey you're starting. This collection captures all that matters on your big day. The bride, the groom, the venue, and the guests.​


happy customers


“Ruth did a live event painting at our wedding in April and she was so wonderful, my favorite detail from our wedding day! She's a professional and knew what to do, when to be there, and didn't require any instructions outside of what we wanted painted!…” 

hannah m.

“…I highly recommend her and am extremely thankful she was able to provide a present I was able to give to my family that they will cherish forever.”

jeff w.

“Ruth did a live painting of our first dance at our wedding. We are so thrilled with out it came out! She was very professional and great at communicating with us before the wedding so we knew exactly what to expect…”

katie h.

Did your wedding day pass already? No worries!

Click below to order an acrylic wedding portrait like the ones above based on your wedding photos.

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